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  • 30 flat tube plating cover

    2018-03-21 11:44:49
  • How to identify plastic materials

    2018-02-10 15:07:28
    1. PP === 100% plastic, polypropylene Light and tough, easy processing, good heat resistance, high impact strength at room temperature, tensile strength, good rigidity, corrosion, difficult to paint, folding up to millions of times, excellent electrical properties, shrinkage. PP.PE.PA soft and bendable, hand touching a hard wax-like, creamy feeling, soft horny percussion sound, and PS.ABS.PC.PMMA, non-ductile, percussive sound crisp .PP combustion phenomenon and PE roughly the same, there may be a small amount of black annihilation, the flame extinguished, the smell is ranging from the oil like kerosene, non-toxic.
  • Cosmetic hoses which use high temperature cosmetics hose

    2018-02-10 15:03:51
    There are many types of cosmetics packaging, there are: various shapes and specifications of the plastic bottles (generally go through exquisite decoration printing), composite plastic bags (usually through decorating printing, often used in cosmetic bags or lower cosmetics Packaging), various shapes and specifications of the glass bottles (including jars and narrow mouth bottles, generally used for more high-end cosmetics or volatile, easy to penetrate, organic solvent containing cosmetic packaging, such as nail polish, hair dye, perfume, Toner and other packaging). For the above various packaging forms, it is sometimes also precluded the use of color cartons with the way to jointly form a sales package of cosmetics to enhance the grade of cosmetics.
  • Oxygen hose performance testing cosmetic hoses have what

    2018-02-10 15:01:25
    Cosmetics packaging on the market today can be described as varied, only plastic materials have plastic bottles, plastic boxes, plastic bags, plastic hoses and other. In recent years, with the increasing popularity of cosmetics, packaging with rapid use of raw materials, low cost advantages have also been developed, the cosmetics packaging market has dominated the mainstream, mainly used in cleansing products, skin care products and beauty salons products. At present, plastic hoses commonly used in cosmetic packaging mainly include aluminum-plastic composite hoses, all-plastic composite hoses and plastic co-extrusion hoses to meet various needs of cosmetic packaging. Cosmetic hose
  • Advantages of aluminum-plastic hose Cosmetic hose types

    2018-02-10 14:58:56
    Introduction to the types and uses of cosmetic hoses
  • Sticker on plastic hose for his use

    2018-02-10 14:55:18
    Good metal or plastic hose packaging, the kind of better use, please read the following information carefully:
  • Transparent hose cosmetic hose

    2018-02-10 14:52:25
    More and more color paste and gel ointment are the favorite of consumers. When these products are packed in transparent composite hose, its attractive color and good texture make people put it down, transparent tube packaging undoubtedly played a icing on the cake. However, when using a transparent tube, the contents of the tube are easily degraded by UV radiation. At present, the company has developed a "UV blocking" product formulations, which can effectively protect the filled products from UV damage. Environmental protection is valued At the most economical and recyclable sheets, reducing raw materials is the most practical and rational way to produce environmentally friendly hoses. When the thickness of the aluminum foil barrier in the hose is reduced from the traditional 40μ to 12μ, a lot of resources can be saved; when the aluminum foil barrier is completely eliminated and replaced with EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer), the composite pipe can be completely recycled use. Cosmetic hose
  • Cosmetic plastic hose investment in the pre-market research and market forecast report

    2018-02-10 14:48:22
    Report on Predict Investment in Cosmetic Plastic Hose Project in 2014 and Prediction of Market Prospects (Special Edition for Experts) The report mainly focuses on the feasibility analysis report on the development of China's cosmetic plastic hose project. The report shows the overall development of the industry and the feasibility analysis report of the plastic cosmetic hose project in China Industrial Policy and Regulations, China Cosmetic Plastic Hose Project Feasibility Analysis Report Industry Overview, China Cosmetic Plastic Hose Project Feasibility Analysis Report Market Supply and Demand, China Cosmetic Plastic Hose Project Feasibility Analysis Report Price Trend, China Cosmetic Plastic Hose Project Feasible Analysis of the key data analysis, China Cosmetic Plastic Hose Project Feasibility Analysis Report Market Competition, China Cosmetic Plastic Hose Project Feasibility Analysis Report Consumer Survey, China Cosmetic Plastic Hose Project Feasibility Analysis Report Product Import and Export, China Cosmetic Plastic Hose Project Feasibility Analysis Report Development Trend Forecast, China Cosmetic Plastic Hose Project Feasibility Analysis Report Production Enterprise Competition, China Cosmetic Plastic Hose Project Feasibility Analysis Report Market Before Investment , The relevant aspects of Chinese cosmetic plastic hose project feasibility analysis report marketing strategies set forth a detailed and objective decision-making basis for the Chinese cosmetic plastic hose project feasibility analysis report production, business and investors.
  • Plastic hose in the development of unlimited potential

    2018-02-10 14:45:02
    I believe we all understand the hose, in our daily lives is the most used, all kinds of hoses have their own unique attributes, such as plastic hoses have the characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance, easy installation and so on , In the course of the use of the phenomenon is not too damaged, often appear in the common water processing sites, medical hoses become more professional, more hygienic, not only have good attributes, the working environment also has certain requirements, the general For medical equipment, China's hose market is relatively large, but when foreign businessmen pour into the Chinese market, Chinese enterprises are also under pressure.
  • Domestic plastic hose market economy is fierce

    2018-02-10 14:36:14
    ​According to the International Mold and Plastic & Plastic Industry Supplier Association Secretary-General introduction, at present, China's plastic hose market economy is more intense, large-scale plastic hose pipe production enterprises over 2000, the annual production capacity of 12 million tons, annual production capacity of 10,000 More than 300,000 tons of enterprises, there are more than 20 annual capacity of more than 150,000 tons. In the field of small-caliber home improvement, the competition is fiercer and the threshold is not high, making the layout of the sales network leading the development of the enterprise. In the field of engineering projects, product production barriers and the transportation radius limit make the leading enterprises focus on technology development and scale expansion.
  • China's plastic pipe development

    2018-02-10 14:32:16
    Plastic pipe has the characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance, small water loss, easy installation and so on. It has been favored by plumbing engineering industry. At the same time, plastic pipe has less energy consumption (less than 1: 4 in general) compared with traditional metal pipe. Environmental pollution is small, and is increasingly valued by the government and relevant departments.
  • Pre-packaging design precautions

    2018-02-10 14:29:20
    There are a lot of noteworthy details in the pre-press design of flexible packaging, where we focus on small text and line design considerations.
  • Plastic market at home and abroad has great potential

    2018-02-10 14:26:00
    As the largest consumer of plastic consumption varieties, packaging and consumption of various styles of plastic, technical updates quickly. At the same time, with the gradual growth of the development of packaging plastic consumption, the plastic packaging machinery industry has a good prospect of huge potential at home and abroad.
  • Cosmetic hoses play a role in cosmetic packaging

    2018-02-10 11:53:29
    With the increasingly fierce competition in the cosmetics market, the cosmetics hose businesses to expand their sales of products, but also make painstaking efforts in the cosmetics packaging, publicity from top to bottom.
  • Cosmetic bottles, caps, tubes, cans appearance requirements

    2018-02-10 11:49:02
    1, cosmetic bottles (including plastic bottles, glass bottles) (1) cosmetic bottle complete, smooth and smooth, the thickness of the basic uniform, no cold burst, cracks, no obvious scarring, deformation.
  • Stamped day of flexible packaging market development

    2018-02-10 11:44:08
    ​Welding on the closure of a flexible lid on the packaging will be able to make both the advantages of packaging and bottles. There are three main forms of this package:
  • Six points of plastic hose excellent

    2018-02-10 11:39:01
    low temperature resistance, weather resistance, ozone resistance, TPU weather resistance aging better than natural rubber and other synthetic rubber, its ozone resistance, radiation characteristics in the aerospace industry has a special purpose;
  • Cosmetic hose features

    2018-02-10 11:31:58
    1, excluding part of the packaging container of air (oxygen), can effectively prevent food spoilage.
  • Cosmetic tube packaging

    2018-02-10 11:23:06
    In the field of cosmetics packaging, with the improvement of the technical level, the development of the packaging gradually highlights the features such as the personalization and innovation, the introduction and application of new technologies and new technologies, the development and replacement of new environmentally friendly materials, and the more convenient and safe packaging Market welcome.
  • Why plastic hoses get more and more favored

    2018-02-10 10:25:47
    In recent years, the daily chemical industry, the traditional metal, glass containers gradually replaced by lightweight plastic hose packaging, the reason, we can find the plastic hose has the following advantages:
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